Southwest Corridor

Brooklyn and Riverside host large office towers just over the edge of Downtown and melt into a blend of historic homes and eclectic shops and restaurants. Redevelopment in the northern portion of the corridor is bringing more places to live, work, shop and dine.

The Southwest Corridor extends southwest of the Central Skyway station with proposed stations in Brooklyn, Riverside and Five Points.

The proposed Brooklyn station was selected for further analysis in Phase II of the study. Watch the virtual meeting video and view the slide deck describing the proposed TOD framework for this area.

Community Data Profile

Proposed Stations

Typology: Core Neighborhood

Desirability & Readiness: High - TOD Framework area

Typology: Core Neighborhood

Desirability & Readiness: Moderate

Typology: Regional Center
Riverside Arts Market (RAM)

Desirability & Readiness: Moderate

Typology: Core Neighborhood
Five Points

Desirability & Readiness: Lower