Downtown Corridor

The Downtown core is primarily focused on businesses, institutions, such as Florida State College at Jacksonville, and government facilities including Jacksonville City Hall, Duval County Courthouse and United States Courthouse. Some historic buildings have been redeveloped to include residences and the number of residents is expected to increase.

The Downtown Corridor includes the current Rosa Parks, Hemming Park and Central Skyway stations.

The Rosa Parks station was selected for further analysis in Phase II of the study. Watch the virtual meeting video and view the slide deck describing the proposed TOD framework for this area.

Community Data Profile

Proposed Stations

Typology: Urban Center
Rosa Parks

Desirability & Readiness: High - TOD Framework area

Typology: Urban Center
Hemming Park

Desirability & Readiness: Lower

Typology: Urban Center

Desirability & Readiness: Moderate