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JTA is studying opportunities for transit-oriented development (TOD) along six corridors planned for the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) project. TOD provides compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around transit stations. This makes it possible to live a lower-stress life without complete dependence on a car for mobility. The ability to walk, bike and take transit to your desired destinations across the city improves our health, economy and environment.

Southbank/San Marco
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Community input is essential to planning transit-oriented development around proposed stations. How can TOD make your community (even more) wonderful? Let us know what you think about study findings and recommendations for your neighborhood.

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Upcoming Meetings

Thanks to all who participated in the August 25-27 virtual meetings. If you missed them, visit our Resources page to watch the meeting videos and view slide decks.

Our next round of engagement will be in November. In the meantime, please take our new survey on TOD frameworks.