East Corridor

This corridor features offices, hospitality, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment. Extensive plans for mixed-use development are underway adjacent to the all three proposed station locations. The increased number of residents, employees and visitors will make this a very active corridor with many pedestrian-accessible features.

The East Corridor spans east from the existing Central Skyway station with proposed stations at Market Street, the Shipyards and Sports Complex.

The proposed Shipyards station was selected for further analysis in Phase II of the study. Watch the virtual meeting video and view the slide deck describing the proposed TOD framework for this area.

Community Data Profile

Proposed Stations

Typology: Urban Center
Market Street

Desirability & Readiness: Moderate

Typology: Special Use

Desirability & Readiness: Moderate - TOD Framework area

Typology: Special Use
Sports Complex

Desirability & Readiness: High