North Corridor

The historic Springfield area was once served by streetcars along Main Street and has undergone a renaissance with new and renovated homes and shops. The area’s residents and business owners are highly engaged in the community and host neighborhood festivals and events.

The North Corridor extends north from the existing Skyway terminus at the Rosa Parks Transit Station into the Springfield neighborhood. Proposed stations include 2nd & Main Street, 8th & Main Street and the UF Health/VA Clinic medical complex.

The Main Street Corridor from 2nd & Main to 8th & Main was selected for further analysis in Phase II of the study. Watch the virtual meeting video and view the slide deck describing the proposed TOD framework for this area.

Community Data Profile

Proposed Stations

Typology: Regional Center
UF Health & VA

Desirability & Readiness: Lower

Typology: Core Neighborhood
8th & Main

Desirability & Readiness: Moderate - TOD Framework area

Typology: Core Neighborhood
2nd & Main

Desirability & Readiness: Moderate - TOD Framework area