U2C TOD by Jacksonville Transportation Autority

Study Process

The JTA U2C TOD Study has three phases:

I. Where are we today?

The study begins with an assessment of six corridors encompassing 21 proposed stations. The corridors and station areas are evaluated to identify demographic, travel demand and growth trends; land use and zoning; multimodal accessibility; and real estate market demand.

Stations are given a primary typology and TOD Desirability & Readiness rating.

Visit our Resources page to see maps, presentations, virtual meeting videos, survey results and community profiles for this phase.

II . Where do we want to go?

For the second phase, the study team is established TOD goals, measure, targets and secondary typologies. Proposed stations have been evaluated for TOD potential. Six stations were selected for more detailed station area planning, Virtual meetings were held August 25-27 to review these station area frameworks 

Visit our Resources page to see presentations and virtual meeting videos for this phase. The frameworks survey enables participants to help design the neighborhoods around the six TOD framework stations areas - please take a look.

III. How do we get there?

The final phase focuses on TOD regulations, financing, equity and implementation strategies. Key stations will be selected for more detailed planning with public engagement planned for November 2020.

The study was completed.